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The Barelawis

The founder and Imam of the Barelawis was Ahmad Raza Khan, who was an extremist Sufi known for his Takfeer (declaring Kufr) and extremely heretical beliefs.


Allama Ehsan Illahi Zaheer (rahimahullah) has written a detailed book on the Barelawis, which highlights…

  • The influences of Shi’ism on the founder of the Barelawi school of thought.

  • The easiness with which they declare Kufr on their opponents.

  • Their giving superstitions, baseless talk, unfounded stories and fables, the garb of religion.

  • Their distortion (Tahreef) and misinterpretation of the Book and the Sunnah to support their beliefs.

Anyone who wishes to further study this subject should refer to this book called, ‘Barelawis – History and Beliefs’[1]

[1] Another excellent book that explicitly exposes the corrupted beliefs and actions of the Barelwis is, ‘The Book of Unity or Oneness of Allah’ compiled by Muhammad Iqbaal Kailani.