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Exaggeration in the position of the Sufi Shaikh and veneration of their graves is one of the most dangerous aspects of Sufism. The fundamental belief upon which the entire system of grave worship is based is that the engraved can benefit the people both, physically and spiritually. Once this dangerous Aqeedah is established, the rest is only a matter of practice.


Therefore today, we findů

  • Some people visit graves to worship Allah believing that worship is more acceptable to Allah at the graves of the righteous.

  • Some visit graves to receive blessings from the graves, like from the stature or the sand near the graves or special amulets prepared by the keepers of that grave.

  • Some visit graves believing that the engraved will benefit them spiritually, like increase them in knowledge and piety.

  • Some visit graves believing that Allah accepts the supplication by virtue of the righteous people or that the supplication is answered when the (righteous) engraved intercedes on their behalf. Such people perform many acts of worship directed towards Allah, whilst making the engraved as a means of intercession.

  • Finally, there are those who believe that the righteous have been granted certain powers like, granting children, averting harm, etc. and they direct acts of worship directly towards the engraved in order to please them and get their wishes fulfilled.


Fundamentally, grave worship is to love, fear and hope from the engraved in the matters which are specific to Allah. Once it is established in the heart that the engraved bestows benefits or averts harm, the limbs eventually follow in submission until a person makes no distinction between worshiping and worshiping the creation, and directs many acts of worship for the engraved, like prostration, Tawaaf and sacrifice.