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Sufism, Grave-worship and Saint-worship

Sufism is largely responsible for the spread of saint-worship and grave-worship amongst the Muslims. The Sufis, in their teachings, greatly exaggerate in the position of their living and dead Shaikhs. They claim that their Shaikhs receive knowledge directly from Allah, and believe that even after death, the Sufi Shaikhs can hear, see, communicate and help the living. They seek Tawassul (nearness to Allah) in their supplication by mentioning the names of these saints and preach that worship at the tombs of these saints is more acceptable to Allah.


The Deobandis being Sufis have fulfilled their share in promoting all these beliefs. In fact, Fazaail-e-Aamaal, which is the handbook of the Jamaat Tableegh, may be considered as the most successful book in spreading Sufism. In the garb of virtues of righteous actions, it exposes the reader to all aspects of Sufism, from monasticism and abstinence to exaggeration and innovation in worship, from complete obedience to a Shaikh to seeking benefits from the graves… All these beliefs have led the masses to have immense hope in the engraved to fulfill their needs - Hope in matters that only Allah can be depended upon!