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In this chapter, we have seen that the Deobandis are the bearers of those dangerous beliefs which ultimately lead towards overt grave-worship and saint worship. In fact, many aspects of Shirk in belief and actions can be clearly seen in their ideology, which is also reflected in the Jamaat Tableegh. We have seen from Fazaail-e-Aamaal that it promotes all these erroneous beliefs under the guise of virtues and exhortation. Those who expose themselves to the teachings of Fazaail-e-Aamaal which include believing that the engraved can hear, see and help the living, will undoubtedly weaken their Tawheed and establish hope in other than the One, Who Alone has the Power to benefit and harm. And it has been widely seen that the moment such people are harmed by magic, evil eye, Jinn, etc. the first places from where they seek help are the numerous tombs of the saints and in the process, become easy prey for the custodians of such tombs, who financially exploit them and introduce them to many acts of major Shirk.