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Bestowed Knowledge

The Deobandis claim ‘bestowed knowledge’ for many of their Shaikhs and prominent scholars. Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi’s statements mentioned in ‘Marif-e-Mathnawi’ indicate that inspirations are normal occurrences for the Sufis, to which they look towards to and benefit the people by them…


1. “Hakim al-Ummat, Thanvi has at this juncture written an important note that the friend of Allah should always talk as the occasion and the time demands, i.e. when he is in the right mood, the audience is attentive and the flow of the heavenly cognizance is natural with moderation, neither forcing himself not being overpowered by emotions. With this state of mind one should engage himself in benefiting the people there and then. Hazrat Thanvi was inspired by the following verse (of Mathnawi): “When (your beloved master) orders you to speak, then speak and speak in fervor.”[1]


2. Moulana Zakariyah says: “Shaikh Nizamuddin Deen al-Umri Thanesri acquired Uloom-e-Dhahiri (outward knowledge or the Sharee’ah) without having pursued an academic career. Night and day he engaged in Dhikr Nafl-Ithbaat (a form of Dhikr) and Dhikr bil-Jahr (audible Dhikr). He engaged in such intensive Dhikr that he would not emerge from the room for a full month.”[2]


We find similar claims for the founder of the Jamaat Tableegh, Moulana Ilyas and his successor, Moulana Muhammad Yusuf.


3. Mentioned in ‘Tazkirat Hazratjee Moulana Muhammad Yusuf’ (p.31) by Moulana Manzoor Numani and Ateequr Rehman Sambhani, “(Moulana Ilyas) has been granted a knowledge from Allah (that is not the ilm of the scholars and library). Therefore, many of his statements were recorded, after which a part of them were published in the form of a book. It was clearly apparent from the speeches of Moulana Muhammad Yusuf that he too was granted the same knowledge…”


4. “I have attended five lectures of Hazrat (Muhammad Yusuf), of which one lasted five and half hours. Knowledge seemed to be surging from inside him. It was clearly apparent that he wasn’t speaking but was being made to speak. The knowledge from Allah used to confer upon the heart of Hazrat (Muhammad Yusuf) like heavy rain. And it is my strong estimation that just like perpetual Dhikr[3] Hazrat was in a state that at all times and in every condition whether asleep or in wakefulness, knowledge would be inspired to him.”[4]

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[2] Mashaikh-e-Chist (Eng. Trans.) p.191.

[3] The Soofi concept of the heart of the Soofis being constantly engrossed in Dhikr.

[4] Tazhirah Hazrat Jee Moulana Muhammad Yusuf by Moulana Manzoor Numani and Ateequr Rehman Sambhani, p.31.