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The Special Bond between the Shaikh and his Mureed

Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi explains the special bond between him and his Shaikh in the following words, “I once saw a dream that Moulvi Mohd Qasim Sahib is in the appearance of a bridegroom and I have been just married to him. So, just as a wife and husband benefit from each other, I benefited from him and him from me.” Upon this, Hakim Mohd Siddiq Sahib Kandhalvi said, “Ar-Rijaalu Qawaamoona Alan-Nisaa” (Men are protectors and maintainers of women - Soorah an-Nisaa (4): 34). Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi replied, “After all I train his children.”[1] (click to view the scanned image of this quote)


Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi says, “In the sphere of Ruhani (spiritual) training the Shaikh’s concern and affection are similar to a father’s affection in the sphere of worldly training. In fact, the spiritual mentor has greater affection than even a father. The spiritual mentor executes such tasks, which a father is incapable of rendering. He unites man’s Ruh (soul) with Allah. He transforms man into Aarif (one who possesses deep knowledge and insight of the spiritual realm) and a Wasil (one who has attained the goal of Divine measure). Thus, in this holy process of spiritual training the bond between the two parties (Shaikh and Mureed) can never be sufficient irrespective of any high degree the association may have attained.[2]

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