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Total Unconditional Obedience to a Shaikh

From Irshaadul-Mulook under the heading, ‘Obedience to the Shaikh’ “He (Mureed/disciple) should not object to anything the Shaikh does or commands and he should regard the Shaikh’s instructions as being obligatory.”[1]


“He (Mureed) should remain in submission and with respect and dignity to his expert Shaikh just as a mayyit (dead body) is in the hands of the one who gives it ghusl.”[2]


“Annihilate all your wishes, desires and intentions. Submit yourself to your Shaikh. Do not raise the slightest objection against the taleem (teachings) of your Shaikh.”[3]


Aashiq Illahi Merathi writes, “Once a common man asked Ba Yazeed Bastami, ‘How should a Pir (Shaikh/Saint) be and how should a Mureed (disciple) be?’ … Ba Yazeed Bastami said, ‘Come to me tomorrow and I shall tell you.’ When the man came the next day, he gave him a letter and said, ‘Take this letter and go to the addressee. On your return you will get the answer’. The person to whom the letter was written was at a distance of 30 days and used to stay with a young boy who was beardless, extremely beautiful (?). Ba Yazeed Bastami asked the host to take good care of their guest, give him a separate room to stay and instruct the boy to serve him. And tell the boy not to disobey the guest; even in he has to fall in a sin.”…   The guest reached in 30 days and delivered the letter. The one to whom the letter was addressed did according to the letter. The guest was alone with the boy and he had some immoral thoughts. He wished the sinful action. Immediately the guest was struck as if with the hand of Ba Yazeed Bastami. The guest stopped and felt remorseful. The guest left the next day, and after his return asked Ba Yazeed Bastami, “Please reply my question”. Ba Yazeed said, “Pir should be as you were struck, and the Mureed (disciple) should be as the one to whom the letter was addressed to (i.e. Pir saves you at the time of sins and the Mureed should be so obedient that he does not disobey, even if his honor is in danger).[4] (click to view the scanned image of this quote)


Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi said defining a Mureed (disciple), “The meaning of a Mureed means, the one who agrees with everything that the Pir (Shaikh / spiritual guide) says and has no intentions of his own.”[5] (click to view the scanned image of this quote)

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