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Exaggerating the Ability of a Shaikh in helping his Mureed

The books of the Deobandis mention this belief in the following words …


“The Mureed should understand that the Ruh of the Shaikh is not confined to any specific place. The roohaniyat (spiritual effect and impressions) of the Shaikh reaches the Mureed anywhere. When the Mureed has thoroughly understood the Shaikh’s proximity to him, he will then always remember his Shaikh and a heartfelt bond will be created. Thus, he will acquire spiritual benefits from his Shaikh.”[1]


Moulana Zakariyah says: “One of Hazrat Shaikh Ata’s students had gone for Hajj. Although, he had met and left his Shaikh in his place at home, he was astonished to see him in Maqaam-e-Ibraheem and other places. On his return, he enquired from others if Hazrat had gone for Hajj after his departure. The people replied in the negative. When he went to meet his Shaikh, he narrated several occasions he (the student) had met him during Hajj. Hearing this, Hazrat Shaikh smiled.”[2]


Aashiq Ilahi Meerathi mentions in the biography of Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi that the wife of Moulvi Mahmood Hasan Sahib Nagonwi was an extremely pious and abstentious woman and resided with her father in Mecca for 12 years. She once said to him, “My son! Hazrat (Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi) had many students and disciples, but none of them truly understood him. In the days when I was residing in Mecca, I used to see Hazrat (Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi) pray the morning prayer in the Haraam Shareef (Masjid al-Haraam). And I have also heard from others that this is Hazrat Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi, who comes from Gungoha (a city on India).”[3]


Based up this belief they promote the idea that the Shaikh helps the Mureed, protects his religion and help him in the grave.


The Deobandi Shaikh helps his Disciples from the Unseen

A Khadim (disciple) of Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri was traveling in a train along with a Sadu (Hindu priest). The Khadim informed the Sadu that there was a great Shaikh in Saharanpur and many people come to visit him. The Khadim experienced an alien feeling and severe pressure on his heart. His heart was gripped by fear and bewilderment. He completely lost his senses and his ability to speak, and there was no indication as to what caused this condition. While in this condition he saw Hazrat Saharanpuri who commanded him to recite (hasbunallahi wa-nimal Wakeel). Although he could not speak, he started this Dhikr with his heart and soon recovered from his condition. He then heard the Sadu saying, “Truly, your Guru (i.e. Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri) is highly qualified and very powerful.”[4]


The Shaikh saves from the torment in the Grave

Once Hazrat Haaruni attended the burial of his spiritual brother (Mureed of the same Shaikh). After the burial when he left, Hazrat remained there for a while and the state of the inmate revealed to him. When the Angels of punishment approached the inmate, Hazrat Haaruni informed them that the inmate of the grave was his associate. As a result of his intercession the mayyit was saved from the punishment.[5]


Once, Ashraf Ali Thanvi asked Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi, “Hazrat is it allowed to keep a Shajarah (a list which mentions the names of all the saints of a particular Sufi Tareeqah) in the grave’. He said, ‘Yes’.  … Ashraf Ali Thanvi asked, ‘Is this of any benefit?’ He replied, ‘Yes’. He then mentioned that Shah Gulaam Alee (a Sufi) made a will that the shoes of his Pir (Shaikh) should be put with him in his grave.”[6]

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