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You cannot be like your Pir

A baker once prepared meals for the guests of Hazrat Khwaajah Baqi Billah. Out of gratitude Hazrat said to him… “Ask whatever you wish for.” The Baker replied, “Make me like you”. Hazrat said, “You will not be able to bear it”. But the baker insisted… “Hazrat took the baker to his room and cast Tawajjuh Ittihadi[1] on him. When they emerged from the room, the Tawajjuh had permeated even his external appearance. The baker’s appearance was identical to that of Hazrat. The difference was that Hazrat was conscious and alert and the baker was semi-conscious… on the third day, the baker died”[2]

[1]  Moulana Zakariyah explains, “In this type of Tawajjuh, the Shaikh diffuses his Ruh into the Ruh of the mureed (deciple) to such a degree that both souls are united into a single soul. “ Mashaikh-e-Chist, (Eng. Trans.), p.16.

[2] Mashaikh-e-Chist, by Moulana Muhammad Zakariyah, p.16.