Contents > Chapter 11: Blind Following of Sufi Shaikhs

Chapter 11: Blind Following of Sufi Shaikhs

In this chapter, we shall see the importance and the authority given to the Pir or the Shaikh by the Deobandis. We shall see how they expect total unconditional obedience to their Shaikhs. They fear that the one who has no Shaikh or disobeys his Shaikh will go astray. Finally, they exaggerate the ability of the Shaikh to help his Mureed.


1.  Bai'ah, the Deobandi Scholars and the Jamaat Tableegh
2.  The Necessity of having a Shaikh in Sufism
3.  The Special Bond between the Shaikh and his Mureed
4. Total Unconditional Obedience to a Shaikh
Exaggerating the Ability of a Shaikh in helping his Mureed

The Deobandi Shaikh helps his Disciples from the Unseen
The Shaikh saves from the torment in the Grave

6. You cannot be like your Pir
7. Consequences of not blindly following the Sufi Shaikhs and Imams
Introducing a new type of Tawheed: Tawheed al-Matlab

Tawheed al-Matlab as explained by Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi
Tawheed al-Matlab as explained by Ashraf Ali Thanvi
Tawheed al-Matlab and Taqleed