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Extreme Taqleed of the Deobandis


3: Adhering to Weaker Proofs

Moulana Mahmoodul-Hasan Deobandi says in a Risalah called, “Taqreer-e-Tirmidhi”, on a Fiqh issue related to transactions,

“…justice in this issue is that the opinion of Imam Shafi’ee carries greater weight, but we are the Muqallids, it is obligatory upon us to follow Imam Abu Haneefah.”[1] This example is a general rule for the bigot blind-followers that even if they realize that the opinion of the other Imam is more sound and supported by proofs, they continue to stick to their own Madhhab and coerce others to follow them in this, threatening them with punishments if they have the authority, or making the blind adherence to the incorrect ruling of a Madhhab part of Eemaan.

[1] Taqreer-e-Tirmizi p.39-40.