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Ashraf-us-Sawaneh vol.1, p.16 - “The story of Hazrat’s (Ashraf Ali Thanvi) birth is extremely amazing, which was well-known in the family and which Hazrat himself has written after listening to it from his elders and those present.” Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi’s father was suffering from impotence so the maternal grandfather complained to a Pir (saint) called Hafidh Gulam Murtuza Majzoob Panipathi, “’The sons of my daughter do no remain alive.’ Hafidh Sahib said in a puzzling way, ‘They die in the fight between Umar (radhi allahu anhu) and Ali (radhi allahu anhu). Give it in the protection of Ali (radhi allahu anhu), he will remain alive.’” None understood the saying of this Pir except for Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi’s mother, who said that Hafidh Sahib (the Pir) means that, “’the father is from the lineage of Farooqui (i.e. from the descendants of Umar Ibn Khattab (radhi allahu anhu)) and the mother is from the lineage of Alawi (i.e. from the descendants of Ali (radhi allahu anhu)); and up to now the name (of the child) was given upon the name of the father, like Fazl-e-Haqq. This time the son that is born should be named in accordance with the mother’s family and the name should end with Ali.’ Hafidh sahib smiled and said: ‘This is what I mean.’… ‘Then he said: ‘Insha’Allah, there will be two sons and they will remain alive. Name one Ashraf Ali Khan and the other Akbar Ali Khan.’…he also said: ‘Both will be Sahib-e-Naseeb (lucky) and said one will be mine, he will be a Moulvi (religious) and a Hafidh and the other will be a worldly person.’” The compiler of this book says that these Prophecies came true word for word.  (this quote continues on page 17)