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Malfuzat Hakeem al-Ummat, vol.8, p.37 -

Block 1 - “Once he (Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi) said, that when we die and go to Jannah, and the Hoorein will come to us, we will ask them to either recite the Qur’aan to us or do their work (that is to say that leave me alone).” Once he said, “I was very sick and am very afraid of dying. I saw Hazrat Fatima (the daughter of Allah’s Messenger) in a dream and she embraced me in her arms and I got well.”

Block 2 - “Once some one came to Ashraf Ali Thanvi and said, “The issue of Mafqood al-Khabr (missing husband) next to Imam Sahib (Imam Abu Haneefah) is a big problem (difficult).” He retorted saying, “Yes, there is a big problem. And the issue of Jihad mentioned in the Qur’aan has greater difficulty. So, remove this too from the Qur’aan.”