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Tazkirat ar-Rasheed, vol.2,  p.227 - “One morning whilst going to see Hazrat (Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi), Moulvi Wali Muhammad passed by a sweets (confectionery) shop, where some fresh sweets were being prepared. He stood there for a while thinking that if he had money, he could buy some sweets. He then headed straight for the Khanqah (hermitage), where he found Hazrat (Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi) waiting for him. Upon seeing him, Hazrat said, ‘Moulvi Wali Muhammad, Today I wish to eat sweets, so take these four annas (some money) and fetch me some sweets of your choice’. So, Wali Muhammad bought some sweets from the same shop and kept them in front of Hazrat. Hazrat said, ‘It is my hearts desire that you should eat these sweets’. Moulvi Wali Muhammad used to say after this incident, ‘I feel afraid in meeting Hazrat because the intentions in the heart are not within one’s control and Hazrat gets informed about them.”