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Tazkirat ar-Rasheed, vol.2,  p.228 - “...In the days when Mirza Gulaam Ahmad Qadiani was writing his book, ‘Baraheen’, the newspapers highly publicized his excellence. In those days, Gulaam Ahmad had a great liking for Hazrat (Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi) and used to ask the people who returned after visiting him “Is Moulana alright?” and he used to inquire, “How far is Delhi from Gungoha? How is the way?” So, it seemed that he also wished to visit Hazrat. In those days, Imam Rabbani (Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi) said, ‘the work that this person (Mirza Gulaam Ahmad) is doing is good, but he needs a Pir (spiritual guide) or it is feared that he goes astray.”